Happy Halloween 2015 | Calgary Family Photography

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I love planning my kids' costumes and I usually start planning in the summer. For two years now, I have gotten my kids' costumes made by my friend over at Precision Stitching (check out her work on ArtFire). This lady is spectacular! She takes my ideas and turns them into wonderful hand-made great-quality costumes.  Every year I try to incorporate something that my kids are "fans of" for the year into their costumes. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to convince my older two kids to have a costume this year at all, but luckily I was successful. Granted, my older son's costume is a bit of a deliberate joke but he is very happy with it. And he was the one who chose to have a tutu, so don't blame me! His costume is based on his favourite thing...YouTube. My older daughter's costume is based on her favourite app called Vine (I still don't get the concept of Vine mind you). My 9-year old is a big fan of Tim Hortons (need I say more!). My twins were easy to pick for. My son has an alter ego named George Bailey the rabbit, so of course he wanted a rabbit costume. My little daughter is just a ray of sunshine so it is fitting that she be a rainbow for Halloween. We kind of played a little joke with her costume too and we made her into the Skittles rainbow. See the rainbow, taste the rainbow! we can't wait for Halloween night to see how the costumes work out. Also, the tutus are battery-operated and will light up! Can't wait for that. I will post pics of that later.