Happy Halloween 2016 | Calgary Family Photography

Happy Halloween!!!! One of my absolute favorite kind of non-dog photo shoots is Halloween costume photo shoots. I do them early every year when the trees are still in full Fall color and we all know that this beautiful Fall color does not last very long in Calgary. Here are my own children in their Halloween costumes. They are all superheroes.....a very appropriate theme considering how strong they have been and how supportive they have been through our terrible losses this year. They truly are my superheroes. Thank you to my friend Guin at Handmade Halloween Costumes, Printed Shirts, Clothing and More for her beautiful work once again in making our costumes. Presenting Captain America, Batgirl, Superman, The Flash, and a very sassy Wonder Woman! #happyhalloween #halloween2016 #superherocostumes #captainamerica#batgirl #theflash #superman #wonderwoman #yycphotography#familyphotographer #calgaryphotographer

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